The Best Cardio Workout For Weight Loss You Won’t Believe

Swiming in Water

Workouts are complicated. As much as anyone would love to just hop on a treadmill and walk their way to twenty pounds of dropped weight in a week, that isn’t how it works. Working out is war, it requires a specific battle plan that helps you cut through any problems and get to your end goal: a healthier, happier you.

Like war, it isn't an easy process. There are setbacks, injuries, missed gym days, and more.  We found the solution, a cardio workout that is easy enough to maintain over a long period, that both helps burn fat and keeps you active without costing too much overtime in missed opportunities.

The best cardio workout for weight loss is one that adapts to the user.  This workout works off three principles called TIE.

Tie stands for:

  • ​Time
  • ​Intensity
  • ​Environment


For beginners just getting back into shape, the bare minimum that needs to be committed is thirty minutes a day five days a week at least. It takes 21 days to build a habit. Many who start working out and fizz out only do so because it isn’t a habit. To make working out successful, your body needs to get used to the habit of working out. 

Cardio specifically is no different, it starts out difficult but gets easier over time.  Committing thirty minutes a day is the scientific minimum required to see results both in the destruction of fat and the reduction of the risk for heart disease. 

How Long Does it Take For Cardio


Intensity is essential. Intensity means that once you begin, you stay on your workout and stay active for the entire time during the exercise period. This means that you don't stop moving, whether that means jogging in place at a stop light, or moving while hydrating.


Changing your environment as much as you can during your walks or jogs or other exercise periods is important not only for staying interested but motivated.  It helps to keep your brain from getting stuck or associating an apathetic anchor. Switching up your paths and location for workouts goes a long way to keeping things interesting.

What Makes A Good Cardio Workout?

A good cardio workout is one that gets the whole body engaged. You should be engaging as much of your body as possible during activities. During jogs, raising your knees or relaxing your wrists keeps everything in harmony but also helps to keep your workout sustained.

Good cardio is one that keeps your heart rate up above a certain level and is capable of being sustained for long periods of time. Anything above a certain measure of intensity isn't sustainable, but that doesn’t mean that using intervals during your walks or jogs is a bad thing, it just means that the changes in your metabolism might not be aerobic only. 

Interval Traning

A good cardio workout should incorporate some aspects of anaerobic activity just to keep overall heart rate limitations from being too rigid. We will go more into why that’s important later on.

What Are The Specific Cardio Exercises To Choose From

There is a wide range of cardio exercises to choose from. The main ones that most choose to use due to their low cost and flexibility are:

  • ​Skipping Rope
  • ​Swimming
  • ​Jogging
  • play
    Interval Training
  • play
    Body Weight Training

​​​​Skipping rope is effective for those that don't have access to a lot of space, but still want to get their cardio in.  Skipping rope for ten to thirty-minute intervals at a steady pace is effective for getting your body used to slightly intensive exercises while not requiring you to brave the elements if your locale is cold or experiencing winter weather.

For those with access to a pool, swimming is perfect not only for its effects on the heart but on the lungs and respiratory system. Swimming is perfect for those looking for good cardio workouts because it can be done at any time and is opened up to those that can't necessarily use their legs or have knee problems

It's the perfect workout following surgery recovery. For swimming, begin by trying to tread in place for at the minimum of a minute. Gradually increase and incorporate laps back and forth at whatever pace is comfortable.

Swimming In Pool

Jogging, and interval training requires access to a street, park, or treadmill. Beginning with short jogs, increasing distance up to a mile or two miles a day is an accomplishment.  Incorporating stints of short sprints help to add a bit of anaerobic activity into it fostering greater overall physical capability.

To make the most of your workouts, don’t overexert yourself, but don’t be afraid to power through. Many cardio workouts require willpower to get through the initial ceiling of what your body is used to. There will be some level of discomfort as you build up your endurance, but it should never be outright painful to do a workout. If you ever experience acute or sharp pain, stop whatever you are doing immediately.

If your workouts are not as effective as you would like, change up what exercises you spend your time on.

What Are Some Common Problems With The Workout & How To Fix Them

The best cardio exercises aren't necessarily going to be good cardio workouts for burning fat. The best cardio for weight loss is one that isn't only aerobic.  It requires a mix of using a workout to build muscle as well as consistent endurance training. This can be in the form of lifting weights, sprinting, or high-intensity training as mentioned before.

Switch Up Cardio Excercises

Being able to switch up which workouts you do helps prevents your body from getting sued to one workout in particular.  While some people are limited to the type of workout they can do, at the least changing your environment can make an impact on the ease of the workout itself. Incorporating hills or inclines into your cardio can make it more effective as well as challenging.

To Wrap Things Up

The best cardio to burn fat is for most interval training, swimming, or jogging. Any exercise that you undertake needs to be made into a habit. There is a point where habit can require some updating, such as when you plateau in your workouts and need to change up which specific exercises you do. 

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