How To Do HIIT On The Treadmill

How To Do HIIT On The Treadmill

HIIT or otherwise known as high-intensity interval training is a particular form of exercise that incorporates small chunks of extremely intense work that's followed with speedy recovery times.

The point of HIIT workout sessions is to emphasize how much you can push your body for a short time frame, and then allow a brief period of rest to repeat the process over and over again.

Those who are new to the world of fitness typically feel overwhelmed when they find out the vast amount of exercises that can be easily incorporated into a daily fitness regime. HIIT is one of those workouts, but it stands above the rest since it's tailored to suit all sports.

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HIIT exercises aid to dramatically reduce your body fat as well as help you get toned up quickly. This workout also maintains your muscle levels, so they don't experience any form of deformation while you train.

If your daily schedule is constantly tight with barely any room to squeeze in a workout plan, you don't have to give up and settle for an unhealthy lifestyle. Exercises such as HIIT is quick, efficient, and can be easily incorporated into your busy life.

Below we’ll be going into detail about the best interval treadmill workouts you can perform on a daily basis. When you combine HIIT with a treadmill, you end up performing with one of the most intensive treadmill workouts out there.

How To Do A HIIT On The Treadmill?

  • First, you'll have to prepare your body for the intense workout, so warming up is a must. You can either walk or jog at a slow pace for a ten-minute time span. This promotes blood circulation to your muscles, which prevents injuries from developing later on
  • Once your ten minutes are up, you’ll want to increase the treadmill speed till it reaches a fast pace that will last for 30 seconds. You shouldn’t be able to hold a conversation at this point
  • ​For two minutes, you'll have to reduce your treadmill's speed, so you're taking a light jog. When its time to recover, you can determine your recovery length by making it equal to three to five times the length of the super-intense segment
  • To keep the momentum going, you should alternate the high-intense portions of HIIT with the low-intense portions. You’ll repeat this back and forth exchange between intensities eight times to complete your HIIT treadmill session

Workout Plans For HIIT On The Treadmill

The step by step plan above should serve to function as a guideline to inspire future HIIT exercises to make way for your fitness regime.

HIIT for beginners varies slightly from HIIT for runners and HIIT for experts in regards to speed and duration. Those more advanced in HIIT exercises can expand beyond using a treadmill to utilize other gym machines, which will target other muscle groups to burn your fat in no time.

Woman on a treadmill.

Regardless of whether you’re labeled a beginner hiit treadmill enthusiast or an expert, the last thing you want to do is overwork your body.

Your body will react positively to HIIT if you incorporate it two times a week, but you have to make sure that you choose non-consecutive days. This is crucial to follow because your muscles need a minimum of 48 hours between HIIT sessions to repair and strengthen fully.

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