3 Unique Treadmill Exercises

3 Unique Treadmill Exercises

Regular gym goers agree that one of the most boring machines to have ever been invented has been the treadmill. Imagine having to run for miles on end without actually getting anywhere.

This is a major reason why many people avoid having to run on the treadmill and prefer to jog outside.

However, running isn't the only workout that can be achieved on a treadmill. In fact, everything from planks to stretches is a reality on a treadmill. Imagine how many various muscle groups you can target on a treadmill without having to go the extra mile of buying additional workout gear.

Exercises To Do On Treadmill

Those who already have a treadmill at home will be relieved to find out the various workouts achievable through one machine. Continue reading for a thorough breakdown of three different exercises that are treadmill friendly.

Mountain Climbers In Reverse

People aren’t aware that a treadmill has multiple uses in the fitness world, and this is especially true when discussing mountain climbers.

Mountain climbers are widely known to be an exercise that fires up your entire body.

Those who want to ease their body into working out shouldn’t have to worry about performing such a demanding task. This is when your treadmill comes in.

Mountain Climbers In Reverse

On a treadmill, you can easily perform incline mountain climbers. In fact, when you achieve a mountain climber on a treadmill, you emphasize kicking your legs in a backward motion rather than drawing your knees into your chest.

Those looking to tone up their back will find that reverse mountain climbers on a treadmill will show higher rates of success than just doing a regular version of the identical exercise.

Step By Step

  • You’ll have to turn on the treadmill and set it to a low speed that ranges from 1 to 2 miles per hour.  
  • Once the treadmill is in motion, you should walk behind it and get in a plank position. You need to make sure that you’re facing away from the treadmill to get the most out of this exercise.
  • To set yourself up properly, you'll want to place your feet on the side of the treadmill base. Your hands should be firmly placed on the ground. Your position will resemble that of a decline plank.
  • After your arms feel secure, you can now place your feet on the belt of the treadmill. If you follow the motion of the treadmill, you'll find it easy to bring one knee towards your chest as you extend the other one back.
  • You should do as many reps as you see fit, but make sure to switch your legs while completing this exercise. You’ll know you’re getting the job done when you feel your back burning.

Treadmill Sled Push

If you happen to go to a gym that rarely has a prowler available for use when you need it, you can substitute using a prowler with a treadmill.

The exercise you would normally perform on a prowler would be a sled push, which targets your calves, quads, core, and glutes.

Lucky for you, performing a sled push on a treadmill is an easy feat to achieve.

As long as you have the proper technique mastered, you’ll never want to use a prowler ever again.

Step By Step

Treadmill Sled Push
  • Before you start a treadmill sled push, you’ll want to double check as to whether or not the treadmill is off. You don’t want your treadmill on for this exercise because you won’t be working out the targeted muscle groups as thoroughly as you should.
  • Once you ensure the treadmill is off, you should get into a running position. Make sure to place your hands directly on the console and keep them as stiff as possible. You should be slightly leaning forward with your back straight.
  • You can begin the sled push motion by driving your legs back. When you are dragging the belt back, you’ll feel the high level of friction that it provides. This ensures the same resistance as you would experience while performing a normal sled push on a prowler.
  • To make this exercise more of a challenge, you could increase the incline of the treadmill. However, this is only applicable to those who regularly perform sled pushes.

Plank Backward Crawl

You can enhance a decline plank by completing a plank backward crawl on your treadmill. If you’re looking to engage your core along with major arm and chest muscle groups, then this is the exercise for you.

Step By Step

  • Similar to the treadmill sled push, the plank backward crawl begins with the treadmill being unplugged. You’ll have to turn your back away from the monitor to get into the plank position for this particular workout.
  • Next, you can place both of your hands firmly on the belt of the treadmill to ease yourself into a plank position. Your feet, on the other hand, should rest on the plastic portion of the treadmill and not on the belt.
  • Your legs should remain straight with your knees locked the entirety of this workout.
  • Once your legs are in place, you can press your hands into the belt to push it forward. Your hands should be moving away from you.
  • You'll have to coordinate your hands, so you maintain your balance. This means that when you lift your right hand, you'll have to place it under the right shoulder and simultaneously move the left hand and place it under the left shoulder. Your hands should resemble a walking motion.
  • You can continue this motion for about 45 to 60 seconds. To enhance the decline plank position, you can increase the incline before you start this exercise.
  • Alternatively, you can set yourself up so your feet are on the ground and you’re facing the monitor. You’ll end up being in an incline plank position and pulling your hands towards you rather than away. This will target different muscle groups.
Plank Backward Crawl

Final Thoughts

The exercises above are just a brief look at the multitude of exercises you can complete on a treadmill. You shouldn’t be afraid to try something new especially when it comes to working out so embrace what you can do on your treadmill.

Those who have further comments or questions should leave them below. We will make it our priority to answer them.

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