Treadmill Desks: What Are They?

Treadmill Desks: What Are They?

Millions of sedentary office workers are starting to add a standing or treadmill desk into their offices. In fact, this adoption rate is increasing at a fast pace. Treadmill desks make people healthier by stopping your sedentary lifestyle.

Since the average American has spent over 9.3 hours a day sitting, they are increasing the risk of receiving certain diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other health symptoms that are increasing each year.

That’s only a start for this increasingly popular piece of office exercise equipment. Check out this post to see how treadmill desks are not only a benefit to your physical health but also provides emotional and psychological benefits as well.

What Are Treadmill Desks?

Treadmill desks are computer desks where a treadmill is attached to the bottom of the desk. With treadmill desks, users can complete their work while also reducing the number of calories throughout their exercise. They are great for workers who want to get their work done while also providing a free space for them to lose weight as well.

Treadmill Desk Walking Review

People who have a sedentary lifestyle have an increased risk of obtaining heart disease and obesity. With treadmill desk, these employees can gain more physical activity throughout their workday. Their main purpose is to help users incorporate walking and standing into their routine.

Who And When Invented Them?

Treadmill desks were invented by Dr. James Levine from Mayo Clinic. After spending 10 years using a walking desk, he asserts that sitting down on a desk all day is just as dangerous as smoking. Because of this, he created treadmill desks to help people get in shape.

However, treadmill desks were proposed during the 1980s. Nathan Edelson started to create a series of peer-reviewed articles that reviewed the furniture and made a portable, lightweight version of a desk that had a treadmill attached to it in 1993.

Dr. James Levine In His Office

While other people had ideas and opinions on treadmill desks, it was Dr. James Levine who was the main proponent of their existence. He created the first official treadmill desk by attaching a bedside hospital tray over a $400 treadmill.,

After this, the idea of a treadmill desk grown in popularity and usage. Roger Highfield, a director for British museum external affairs and a science journalist, tested Levine’s treadmill desk for several months under his supervision.

Benefits Of Treadmill Desks

There is a multitude of benefits that occurs when a user dedicates their time using a treadmill desk. Here are some benefits to consider before attempting to invest in a treadmill desk in your office.

  • Increase Your Metabolism. Using a treadmill desk increases your metabolic rate. This means that your body will be able to burn calories faster which leads to increased weight reduction. This also helps your body build lean muscle and burn more calories and fat even when you’re not on the machine. So once your workout is complete, your body will continue to burn calories.
  • Feel Great. Increasing the amount of physical activity while working has become more popular. Also, it increases your cognition and energy. Doing regular exercise on a standing treadmill desk improves your confidence and help you sleep during the evening.
  • ​Cardiovascular Improvement. Using a standing treadmill has a multitude of positive effects on your overall health. For instance, it helps pump blood into your heart, making it deliver nutrients and oxygen to your internal organs. While working out, your heart becomes stronger and reduces the chances of a heart attack.
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    Prevent Backpain. Sitting on the computer throughout your entire workday can expose you to back, shoulder, and neck pain. When using a treadmill desk, you increase the strength of your body’s core. As a result, you strengthen your back muscles and help improve your posture.
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    Better Productivity. Working on a treadmill desk increases your brain concentration and function while also handling important tasks at your job. Having a treadmill desk can help you become a more valuable and productive employee by giving you energy to complete complicated tasks.

​​​​How Much Can You Walk While At Work?

For beginners, we recommend that you use the treadmill for less than 2 hours when you’re at work. While you can extend the time if you’re more adept to it, you’ll increase the chances of being exposed to an injury.

Levine states that “First timers tend to jump on the treadmill and walk for multiple hours in a day. You don’t want to do that. At the absolute maximum, you should use the treadmill for one-half hour on and then a half hour off. Do this for at least 2-3 hours a day.”

You’ll also have to get adjusted to typing and working while you’re on a treadmill. So you should start with doing easier tasks such as surfing the web or reading emails. As a rule of thumb, you want to ease into it so that you’re more accustomed to working on a standing desk treadmill.         

Desk Threadmills

Talking on the telephone can be difficult at first. This is because the treadmill exercise will change your normal breathing. In fact, the sound of the treadmill might prove to be a distraction to the person on the phone.

You also want to make sure that the under desk treadmill is ergonomically sound. This ensures that you reap the benefits of the desk while reducing the chances of injury and health concerns by using it improperly.

There are also safety features on your treadmill desk to protect you from any mistakes or falling off the machine. For instance, your treadmill desks should come with safety stop devices or safety keys to automatically shut off the treadmill after a period of inactivity.


You should get a treadmill desk to increase your physical and mental strength while at your job. Make sure that you complete your work throughout the day while exercising so that you aren’t distracted by the treadmill.

In conclusion, investing a treadmill will do wonders for your health. You’ll1 notice a healthier heart, increased lean muscle, and more burned calories throughout the day. Get a treadmill desk if you’re serious about getting your health and your work life in balance.

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