3 Elliptical Workouts Worth Your Time

3 Elliptical Workouts Worth Your Time

If it's been years since you've hit the gym, an excellent stationary exercise machine to make use of would be the elliptical. In fact, it is the ideal machine to advance your way into hardcore cardio exercise.

First off, the elliptical machine doesn’t place as much pressure on your joints as a treadmill does, but you still get all the benefits of a full body workout. Don’t forget about the fact that an elliptical works out your arms as well as your legs, which is something a treadmill cannot achieve.

Woman exercising on elliptical machine.

For the most part, professional trainers consider the elliptical machine to be a low impact workout that’s effective towards warming up your body for a more intensive workout session.

If you use an elliptical machine correctly, you can target specific muscle groups. This will take practice, but we are here to help guide you on your journey to staying fit.

You should keep on reading to find out which elliptical workout routine best caters to your body's needs.

List Of The Best Elliptical Workout Routines

Beginner Elliptical Workout

Beginners can’t go as hardcore as those who have been going to the gym once or every day of the week. This means 20 minutes on the elliptical machine should be enough to achieve an adequate full body workout.

Step By Step

  • Initially, you should warm up at a comfortable pace for about five minutes. Professional trainers recommend adhering to an RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) level of four. Then for the next three minutes increase that RPE level to five.
  • Once your eight minutes in, you should then amp up your RPE to six and make sure not to go any higher. This should last around 2 minutes. For another three minutes, you should decrease your RPE level back to five and then increase it back to 6 for an additional two minutes.
  • After your interval training is done, you can cool down your body by keeping your RPE level at four for the remaining five minutes. This should add up to twenty minutes of an elliptical workout.

Core Elliptical Workout

People usually assume that you can't adequately target your core on an elliptical machine because you have to use both your arms and legs simultaneously. What if we told you that is not true.

Woman working out on an elliptical machine with no hands.

You don’t have to utilize the handles aspect of an elliptical machine. In fact, many personal trainers advise those who have joint problems to hop on the elliptical machine when it comes to developing a strong core.

By only using your legs to propel yourself forward, you engage your core since you have to rely on your abdominal area to center yourself. As a side note, whenever the RPE exceeds the level five, you’ll want to incorporate the handles since it’ll be difficult for you to keep your balance.

Step By Step

  • Your RPE should remain at level one for the first five minutes, which is considered your warm up. If your elliptical has designated levels, you should set it to a level two.
  • For the next five minutes, you’ll have to set the elliptical machine to a level 8 so your RPE increases to a level six.
  • Now, for another five minutes decrease the level of the elliptical to a five. Your RPE should also decrease to a level four.
  • You should be hitting 15 minutes into your workout at this point. The next five-minute interval should be set to a level nine, so your RPE is at a level seven.
  • Since your body will be tired at this point, you should decrease your elliptical level to a five. Your RPE level should be a three at this point.
  • This next step is crucial since this is where you’ll be targeting your core. You’ll have to increase the elliptical to a level ten, which will translate to an RPE level of eight.
  • Now you’re coming to the end of your workout. You should be gradually decreasing your elliptical level for the next ten minutes until it reaches a level two, which is back where you started.

Elliptical HIIT Workout

For those who prefer an explosive workout session will find that a High-Intensity Interval Training workout, otherwise known as a HIIT workout, is the best elliptical workout possible. You'll basically be switching high-intensity sprints to low-intensity ones within a 30-second time span.

The trick to perfecting your elliptical HIIT workout lies in your warm-up period. During your warm-up, you need to find the ideal resistance and incline that pushes your body to a comfortable level without causing any damage to your muscles.

People working out on an elliptical machine.

This will take several tries, but once you get it right, you'll only be performing HIIT workouts.

Step By Step

  • Your warm-up period will consist of three to five minutes. It's crucial you warm up your muscles before going head first into a HIIT workout.
  • Once you figure out the highest speed you feel comfortable using the elliptical machine in; you can use it as a frame of reference. For 30 seconds, you'll want to sprint at this speed.
  • After those 30 seconds pass, your recovery should last around 60 seconds. During the recovery period, you should be using the elliptical at low speed to give your muscles a slight break.
  • You’ll have to repeat these two steps another ten times to say that you’ve had a successful elliptical HIIT workout.
  • Finally, the cooldown, which should last you five minutes, is crucial since it prevents your body from sustaining any injuries.

Final Thoughts

Elliptical workouts are to be taken seriously since you can do so much more on an elliptical machine then you can get done on any other exercise machine. There are many more elliptical machine routines you can follow, but you can use the three we have provided above as inspiration.

Whether you're a beginner or trying to find something new to incorporate into your exercise regime, we can all agree that using an elliptical machine is always a good idea.

If you happen to have more questions or comments regarding elliptical workouts, it would be wise to leave them below. We will make sure to answer them all.


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