Desk Treadmills: Exercise On Your Job!

Desk Treadmill

While at work, you tend to remain in a seated position which can lead to back injuries if you stay there for too long. Because of this desk treadmills were invented to help office workers work, but keep their body in an active state of motion.

Doing so allows them to think better, work faster, and improve their mood throughout work. We’ll show you why you should obtain a desk treadmill today. This post will convince you to buy a treadmill desk so that you can get utilize your effectiveness at work and put you in good physical shape.

What Are Under Desk Treadmills?

An under desk treadmill is a mixture of office and exercise equipment.They allow use to incorporate low impact exercises such as walking and standing throughout our day. Under desk treadmills are paired with desks to give users the ability to walk while typing, completing projects, or other simple office tasks.

Under Desk Treadmills

Benefits Of Under Desk Treadmills

Here are the most common benefits you'll experience when using an under desk treadmill. They are efficient at not only improving your physical health but keeps you in a constant state of motion and productive at the same time.

Reduces Stress

Regular exercise is proven to increase your cognitive ability, decrease anxiety, and increase your mood through releasing endorphins throughout the body. When released, the endorphins create a positive feeling in your mind that helps you think better and more optimistically.

Psychologically, it increases your confidence as it provides a distraction from your issues and helps you reach specific fitness and health goals. We suggest you attempt to exercise with an under desk treadmills twice a week to keep your mind working and keeps you in good spirits.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Like most exercises, walking adds to your blood flow while decreasing the blood pressure. In a single walking session, you can reduce your pressure readings for about 22 hours. For people who add walking into their daily routine, they'll decrease 5 - 10 mmHg in diastolic and systolic blood pressure readings.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

When you use a treadmill desk, your metabolic rate increased, so you can burn more calories while your body is at rest. While exercising, your body burns more calories.

Boosts Metabolism

Additionally, it helps you grow lean muscle which can burns calories instead of burning fat. So even after your workout is completed, your body will continue to burn calories afterward.

Creates A Healthy Body

Walking, just like any form of exercise, burns calories off your body. While it won’t burn off as much as exercises such as biking or running, walking requires energy meaning that it will produce a sufficient level of calorie burn.

If you’re attempting to lose weight, then you should increase the inline percentage, increase your exercise intensity, or walk for a longer duration. But if this is your first time using a treadmill desk, you should start at a lower speed and gradually increase your speed once you get used to your current level of exercise.

Strong Bones

Doing weight-bearing exercises where your body stays upright while working against gravity is the best way to maintain and keep bone density. They come in both low-impact, and high-impact form and each is used to improve your bone's stability.

  • Low Impact Exercises: hiking, walking, low-impact aerobics, or using a stair stepping machine
  • High Impact Exercises: jogging, dancing, jumping, running, etc.

​If you have any health issues, make sure you check with your doctor before trying high impact exercises. Doing so prevents you from injuring yourself and allows you to continue to receive the health benefits from using a stand-up desk with a treadmill.

How Many Calories Are Spent On A Desk Treadmill?

Surprisingly, you can burn a lot of calories if you frequently use a desk treadmill. On average, you can burn about 3,725 calories in about a week. The amount of calories you burn depends on how long your walk, how fast you walk. Here are some tips to help you maximize your calorie burn rate.

​3725 Calories

It would take about 4.5 hours to reach the maximum goal of 700 calories when walking at 1 MPH. For home office workers, we tested their caloric burn rate when walking on a 7 incline and a 2 MPH speed. They were able to burn 396 calories in an hour. This means they are able to reach their daily goal in about 1.8 hours.


If you were able to keep up this pace for 8 hours, you'd be able to lose 1 pound a day. However, it's almost impossible as most beginners will sweat and tire out before doing so. So it's best to go at your own pace and watch the calories gradually decrease as you continue to use your treadmill work station.

Can You Work On The PC While Walking?

You'll find it easy to get comfortable using your computer while walking. As we've stated earlier, it's better to start slow when first using an desk treadmill. The main benefit of them is that you can do everything at your own pace.

We do suggest that even our most athletic readers to start with a simple exercise at first. Remember, most people in the office spend about 10 hours a day sitting and remaining in a sedentary position. Taking off at least 1-2 hours of that can make a huge difference to your long-term health.


To conclude, we believe that investing in an under desk treadmill will help you in your journey to lose weight. Not only does it help increase bone density, reducing diabetes, and reducing stress during long days at work. We invite you to check our buying guide so that you can get the best treadmill desk in the market.

Do you have any questions about using a treadmill desk in your office?

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