The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Exercise Bike

The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Exercise Bike

When it comes to exercise machines, there are some known to help you perform better than others. Exercise bikes are one of the oldest and most popular cardio machines, and it’s obvious why when you look at all their benefits.

These machines are affordable, low impact, easy to use, and present a challenge no matter your fitness level. Best of all, you don’t need a lot of space to store them and they take mere minutes to set up. Compare that to the ongoing costs of gyms or the fear of working out in front of others, and you see why they’re so popular.

Woman Exercising On Indoor Bike

If you’ve made the decision to get your fitness back on track and want to do so from the comfort of your own home, an exercise bike is a great option. But one look around the market and you’ll see there are hundreds of different devices on offer, making it very hard to choose the best exercise bike for your needs.

We’ve done the rounds after reading hundreds of exercise bike reviews and found some of the top performing bikes in all price ranges and with varying features. This means you can find exactly what you’re looking for and choose a bike that’s going to help you meet your fitness goals as well as you financial budget.

Our Recommendations

Finding the best home exercise bike can be a challenge, so we’ve found some of the top rated machines that tick all of the boxes. No two bikes are created equally so you need to think about you require from a workout machine before you can find one that truly fits.

Do you need a higher weight allowance? Is an on-bike computer important to you? Do you prefer simplicity to high tech gadgets? All of these questions should be answered before you begin your quest for the best exercise bike.

These bikes have been categorized into their price and we’ve highlighted their best features so you can choose the right one to suit your needs.

Best Exercise Bike Under $200

The best workout bike doesn’t always mean the most expensive, and these days it’s common to find quality cardio equipment for under $200. We’ve found a few of the best for those on a budget, with plenty of features to make them worthwhile. These bikes prove you that more money doesn’t always equal a better product, and they’d make any home gym owner proud.

Winner: Exerpeutic Magnetic Upright Bike

Exerpeutic is a fan favorite when it comes to creating exercise bikes and their Upright Magnetic Bike is a best seller. For under $200, this bike has everything you need to get fit and drop the pounds, but just don’t go expecting anything too high tech with its features.

Although technology isn’t its strong point, it does have plenty of customization that allows you to challenge yourself further each time you improve your fitness.  There’s an 8 level magnetic tension control that lets you do this so that whenever you feel like you need to push harder you can easily adjust it.

Exerpeutic Folding Elliptical Bike



For a cheaper bike, there’s bound to be some concerns about quality, and although it feels lighter than others on the market, it will still perform just as well. The maximum weight capacity is 300lbs which is pretty good for a bike of this cost, and it’s covered by a 12-month warranty just like all of the others.

Exerpeutic has equipped this bike with a huge, padded seat cushion that will fit a range of body types. When you’re not using it, it folds up to half of its size so that you can easily slide it away and keep it stored until you need it again. Setup is easy as well and you should be able to get it working within half an hour.

This bike comes with a large LCD display to show important information and a heart rate monitor for more accurate readings.

There aren’t many fancy functions here but you will get a solid machine capable of holding more weight than most, and well under the price of what you’d expect to pay. Overall, it’s definitely our top pick for the best exercise bike for the money.

Runner-Up: Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you’ve been searching for a piece of workout gear that can cater to your specific physical needs, you may want to check out the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike. These styles of exercise bike allow for more support of the back so that you can still get an effective cardio workout but with any of the strain you usually associate with it.

Marcy has managed to create a bike that could pass for some three times the price, and it will transform your home into a professional gym in an instant. This is a compact bike suited to people with small living spaces, weighs just 60 pounds so you can easily move it, and has a max weight capacity of 300lbs for people of all sizes.

Recumbent Exercise Bike



What makes this particular bike a standout is the two-year limited warranty Marcy offers on it, which far outshines anything else in this price range. However, it is missing a few things that could make it better, including a lack of programs on the computer and a calorie counter that doesn’t appear to work that well.

For what it is though, an exercise machine, it certainly can achieve that. You’ll have a smooth and steady ride on the recumbent bike from Marcy and because you can get one for under $200 it’s even better value.

This bike is better suited to beginners or those who don’t have any serious fitness goals. Although it’s a quality machine there’s a lack of challenging levels when you get to the higher end of tension, so it’s best for people who don’t need anything too intense.

Recumbent bikes are ideal for people with back issues or those who struggle with regular exercise bikes, so consider this if you’re in need of something to suit your requirements. For a price well under $200 and a two-year warranty on top, this is definitely a great investment in your health.

Alternative: XTERRA Fitness Bike

For those who like the simple things in life, the XTERRA Fitness Bike will be just what you’re looking for. Made with a basic but solid x-frame design, it might look like there’s not much to it but it will provide you with everything you need to get fit and healthy.

This bike comes with eight different levels of tension and manual resistance which are easily controlled with a knob. Once you build up your fitness and find that you need an extra challenge, you can simply make your way up to the next level. This also makes it great for high-intensity training where you need a mixture of both hard and easy resistance.

XTERRA Fitness FB150



Although this bike has been made with a large anatomically designed seat to suit more users, the weight limit is pretty bad. You’ll only be able to use the XTERRA Fitness Bike is you’re less than 225lbs which can be fairly limiting to most body types. This is a huge downfall that could really inhibit some users from buying it.

You’ll get a small 2” x 1” LCD window display on the front of the bike so you can check out your basic stats like speed, calories, distance, time, and pulse. However, it’s not always the most reliable data so you’re better off relying on something else like a fitness watch to get this kind of specific information.

If you’re someone who needs a compact bike that can fold up tight, the XTERRA is exactly that. When not in use, you can fold up to just 16.75” x 18” of floor space so it fits anywhere you can spare the room.

For a little over $100, this is the most budget-friendly option but also the simplest, so it’s best for beginners and those who don’t need the bells and whistles of other workout machines.

Best Exercise Bike Under $250

Those who have a little more money to spend will be able to get some added extras from their exercise bikes. We’ve found the best one for in the mid-range cost, and the perfect middle ground for those who want more features but without the scary price tag.

Sunny Health And Fitness Indoor Bike

In the next price range, you’ll feel an instant boost in improvement from the cheaper models and our top choices has to be the Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bike. This quality bike is still on the affordable side but with a little more durability than the others, so it’s well worth spending that extra money to get it.

This bike comes with a 40-pound flywheel and it’s extremely smooth to ride. If you prefer to do your exercise at night and not bother anyone, or first thing in the morning, this is a whisper quiet ride that can offer just that.

Sunny Health And Fitness Indoor Bike



Everything about this bike is adjustable, and not just the resistance system. You can adjust the seat and handlebars to suit your physical needs which means no more uncomfortable exercise sessions spent straining and stretching just to get it feeling right.

The maximum weight limit on this is 275lbs which is pretty good, but not as encompassing as the 300lbs machines. To make this a little more challenging, the machine weighs 97lbs which is a lot more than others, so it will be harder to move around. However, some prefer the sturdiness of something that weighs this much as it only indicates just how strong it is.

You’ll have to spend some time putting this bike together but with the right tools, it shouldn’t take long. The heavy-duty crank and smooth chain drive mechanism make this an absolute pleasure to ride and within just a few minutes you’ll see what that extra money spent will get you.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a great choice for those who want something more serious but still don’t have a fortune to spend.

Best Exercise Bike Under $500

When money is no object, there are plenty of great options out there in the exercise bike market. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands just to get something high quality. We’ve found a top rated exercise bike or under $500 that will match anything you could find at a fitness club and it’s all yours to use at home.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike

Schwinn is one of the most trusted names in bikes, so is it any wonder that their indoor exercise bikes have been getting such rave reviews as well? The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike has everything that the brand is known for in their regular bikes but made ever better into an indoor exercise machine.

The cost is obviously higher for this device, sitting at a little over $500, but for what you’ll get it seems well worth it. Assembly may be a little harder as there are more parts, but when you buy it through Amazon they offer their ‘Expert Assembly’ option for just a little more.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike



You’ll get infinite levels of challenge here and never have to worry about it getting too easy for you. Using a progressive wind resistance system and a quiet, frictionless fan, this is a machine that works quietly but delivers results. The single stage belt drive means you can use it any time of the day or night and not bother a soul, not even yourself.

The computer on this bike is worth mentioning, and one huge thing that sets it apart from the budget-friendly options. You’ll get detailed tracking, a variety of programs to choose from that will help you reach your fitness goals and their special RevMeter RPM gauge that lets you do interval training without having to make adjustments for yourself.

Other extras include a telemetric heart rate tracker, small LCD console, and stationary footrest pegs that allow you to work on your upper body alone if you wish. This bike is more like having a personal trainer in your very own home, so it’s certainly worth the extra cost if you want to get serious about fitness.

The Importance Of Getting A Quality Exercise Bike

Shopping for exercise equipment like a bike isn’t something that can be taken lightly. Using these pieces of workout gear will have a lot of impact on your body, and so you want to be sure the one you choose has been made to meet certain standards.

Another important thing to think about is the comfort factor of the bike you decide on. It might seem easy enough to commit to 30 minutes a day riding your new device but if it’s uncomfortable or doesn’t suit your body type, you’ll get over it within days and go back to searching for another exercise machine that will work better.

When you have the right exercise bike, you’ll feel motivated to use and it and it won’t feel like a chore getting your daily exercise in these devices should challenge you but in a comfortable way, and you should always feel safe and sturdy on them.

With the right machine at home, you’ll make weight loss and fitness easy which is why you need to get it right the first time.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Exercise Bike For You

To make sure you choose the best exercise bike for you specifically, you should be able to match its features and specifications to what you need. When we try to choose one based on price or what other reviewers say we lose sight of finding one that’s compatible to our needs and goals. Keep in mind some of these features before making your final decision.


There are a few things to consider with the size of your machine. Firstly, the size of the machine when it’s fully assembled and how much space it takes up. Secondly, the size of it when it’s folded up. Thirdly, the size of the machine, its handlebars, and the pedals.

Group Of People Riding An Exercise Bikes


The material of the bike will likely impact its quality and sturdiness. Look for something like steel or metal rather than cheaper and flimsier materials. For the handlebars and seat, foam cushioning is popular but usually covered with something water resistant to keep sweat away.

Weight Capacity

This refers to the maximum weight that a user can be to sit on and operate the machine. Some machines go up to and over 300lbs but others are quite limited. Be sure that your machine is suitable for your weight otherwise you could be putting yourself at risk for injury.


There are a few different types of exercise bikes you can use: recumbent bikes, indoor cycling bikes, and upright exercise bikes. Each has their own pros and cons, and are suited for specific things like back injuries or competitive training.


Being able to adjust your exercise bike will come in handy while you work out. There are various adjustments you’ll need like tension control that makes it more or less challenging to ride,  seat height adjustment to reach your physical needs, and handlebar adjustment to keep the correct posture while riding.

Extra Features

These bikes come with all kinds of special features that won’t impact how well you ride but can make things more comfortable. Water bottle holders, LCD screens, headphone jacks, and more are just some examples of extra features.


The more high tech machines give you the option to connect with your smartphone or fitness tracker through a Bluetooth or wireless connection. This means your workout data can be sent directly to another device so you can keep a close eye on your progress.


Exercise bikes allow you to workout inside but they also offer some freedom as to where exactly you do it. Most come with options like wheels that allow you to transport your bike around the home, store it away, or try working out in a new place.


Depending on your skills, you may need to shop for a bike that offers minimal assembly time. Some come fully assembled, some part assembled, and others will require you to set them up completely. Look for those with assembly assistance options if you plan on getting a model that requires more work.

An Investment In Your Health

Many people hesitate to spend so much money on a piece of workout gear, yet gladly throw away thousands of dollars on gym memberships that they never end up using. One initial outlay of money will provide you with years of quality workout time on your very own machine, and there’s always the chance to upgrade if you want.

Exercise Bike In Living Room

Exercise bikes work for so many different types of people which is what makes them a popular choice. Those recovering in need of a low impact but efficient workout, people who want to stay in the comfort of their home to get fit, and people wanting varying degrees of difficulty from day to day.

Any of these exercise bikes would be a welcome addition to your home and a great way to introduce exercise into your life more frequently. Whether you want to set it with a view of your outside gardens or watch your favorite show as you sweat it out, there are so many benefits to investing in one of the best exercise bikes on the market.

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