Your Guide To The Anti Gravity Treadmill

Your Guide To The Anti Gravity Treadmill

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in workout gear to help you get fit and healthy, you might not have thought to look at those products so futuristic they sound as if they’ve come from a science fiction novel. The anti gravity treadmill is exactly one of those products, with a name that makes it sound like it’s from the distant future of science fiction workouts.

The anti gravity treadmill is a little less futuristic than its name might have you believe, though, so don’t get too excited about the idea of running around in virtual space. In reality, they offer the user an extremely low impact way to exercise which can relieve up to 80 per cent of your body weight so that it feels as if you’re working out in space.

Woman on an anti gravity treadmill.

Something so futuristic is bound to come with a hefty price tag, though, and you can expect to pay quite a bit for an anti g treadmill. The anti gravity treadmill prices aside, there are certainly plenty of benefits to this unique piece of workout equipment, and many of these focus on relieving common health problems.

What Is An Anti Gravity Treadmill?

The anti gravity treadmill operates a little differently to what you might imagine, without the complete weightlessness and floating through space that the name suggests. There are a few diferent styles of anti gravity treadmill, but they all work on the same basic premise, with a few minor adjustments to be found.

The most basic design features a regular treadmill, but with a difference. The user straps themselves into some tight neoprene shorts which attach to a larger skirt with zippered teeth. Once in your costume, you step into a larger plastic casing which attaches to the skirt so that you’re encased in one large, airtight space.

The machine then weighs you and takes input from you about what intensity of workout you want to do and uses its own weighting technology and inflates the plastic bag around you, effectively lifting you off the surface or running deck. This gives you the feeling of weightlessness and can reportedly make you feel up to 80 percent lighter.

How Does An Anti Gravity Treadmill Work?

So, what do all of this technology and plastic casing actually do? The huge bonus, when compared to a regular treadmill, is that you’re not impacting on the running deck as you usually would and so you remove all of the problems that can be associated with this high impact workout.

Although it can be very effective for those who need rehabilitation or a safe workout for the elderly, they’re really not ideal for people looking for long-term results from their workout gear. You won’t be able to build as much strength or burn as many calories as you would with a standard treadmill or any other piece of cardio equipment, so they’re really only suited to those who need them.

The Health Issues That Anti Gravity Treadmills Can Fix

If you are one of those people suffering from injury, illness, or in needs of rehabilitation, the anti gravity treadmill benefits can be amazing. Here are a few specific conditions that would find it extremely helpful to utilize this type of workout equipment until they gained their strength back.

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    Brain injury - Anti gravity treadmills have been proven as an effective resource for those suffering from neurological disorders or injuries. These devices allow them to regain and relearn balance so that they’re able to become independent once again.
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    General sports injury - Professional athletes and sports teams will find it beneficial to have a machine like an anti gravity treadmill in their training facility as it allows them to train without exacerbating an existing injury. This ensures they stay strong and fit even when not able to play.
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    Military and combat injury - Soldiers and military personnel who have been injured during combat will find it beneficial to train and exercise using an anti gravity treadmill to lessen the chances of furthering their injury and keep them physically fit.
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    Elderly - Seniors who find it hard to exercise in regular ways might find it beneficial to use an anti gravity treadmill as it can help them with weakened bones and joints. 

Although there are many good uses for these machines, they are also quite expensive, and so generally reserved for special medical facilities and training centers where they can be most beneficial.

For the everyday exercise fanatic, training on a regular treadmill or cardio machine would be the most beneficial, although there is quite a lot of good that these machines can deliver.

An Innovative Spin On Your Favorite Machine

When the treadmill was first invented so many years ago, it’s unlikely that its inventor realized just how far it would come. With things like virtual reality treadmills and anti gravity treadmills now available, these once seemingly simple machines have progressed into the future and are now more innovative than ever.

Back view of a man on an anti gravity treadmill.

There’s no need to get hi-tech and scientific just to enjoy a good treadmill workout, though, with most modern brands offering you just the right amount of technology in your exercise gear.

Treadmills remain one of the most popular forms of cardio equipment, and with good reason, thanks to the many benefits they have the user and the versatility they offer in terms of exercise.

Although these futuristic styles of treadmill might still seem far off in terms of price, it’s surely a great indication of where our workouts are heading. Anti gravity treadmills can be so beneficial to those with injury and illness, and though they may not be at your local health club, they’re certainly helping those who need it most.

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